Protecting the Marine Environment Protects local livelihoods

The ability for ships to comply with the IMO MARPOL regulations is dependent upon the availability of adequate port reception facilities for such waste in each Member State.

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Clean Marine Group has obtained the Grand Bahama Port Authority Licence to build a MARPOL Port Reception Facility in Freeport, Grand Bahama. The facility will use proven technology to be of significant environmental benefit to the Bahamas and the wider Caribbean, collecting all types of waste liquids from ships. We plan to expand into collecting other waste streams from ships very soon, such as chemical washings, cardboard, glass and plastic to further benefit and protect the over-polluted marine environment.



The IMO publishes regulations around the prevention of pollution in the Marine environment, but many developing countries cannot yet give full and complete compliance to these regulatory instruments, for various reasons. CMG operates to provide MARPOL services and technical cooperation to developing and isolated island nations. Assisting these countries in working towards sustainable socio-economic development and enhancement of marine environment protection will ultimately result in cleaner waters and coasts, increased tourism, improved fishing economics, through integrated coastal zone management and protection.


  • recovering or recycling all Oil collected;
  • using less freshwater;
  • using energy more efficiently;
  • sending less waste to landfill;
  • managing emissions;
  • reducing lost energy and heat during oil treatment;
  • preventing spills and leaks of hazardous materials; and
  • conserving biodiversity wherever we operate.

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